MANOSKOP® 730 Quick is now also available for torque ranges 4-20 and 8-40 N - m, filling the lower range of this comprehensive product line for smaller torque ranges. Users now have the same benefits as with the larger torque wrenches in this product line with much better scale readability and quick torque adjustment. This is complemented by a redesigned handle and integrated adjustment lever. MANOSKOP® 730 Quick meets all the criteria set out in DIN ISO 6789: 2017.


MANOSKOP® 730 Quick sizes 2 and 4

The recess integrated in the handle of the thumb wrench improves handling when setting a different torque target.

Ergonomically optimized convex handle promotes effortless operation and is resistant to oils, greases, fuels, brake fluids.

Compact, lightweight design for smaller torques - with a wide torque range.

Durable system with flexible bar. Unlike conventional torque wrenches, there is no need to reset the wrench after the job is done to release the spring. In this way, users benefit from long-term accuracy and measurement results in less time.

Quick adjustment from the outside without removing the torque wrench.

Counterclockwise tightening by reversing the inserted tools.

Method of indicating the achieved torque - click, display deviation value ± 4%

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